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Wildwood, Thousand Oaks

Today, I decided to go for a quick hike before work in Wildwood Park. I was so excited to see that the waterfall had a good flow due to the recent rains. The hike itself to Paradise Falls is pretty easy and only takes about 20 minutes to reach the waterfall. I had a lot… Read more »

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Last First Day!

My birthday always falls on the first week of class. However, this year I did not really mind! My last semester at CSUCI has officially began and I could not be more excited to start the semester off strong! I attempted to keep the momentum going through out my semester break with capstone, but now… Read more »

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Atlanta, Georgia

Since beginning my semester break, I have continued working full time. At times it feels never ending with all the school work and outside work. I decided to take a week off of working and fly out to Georgia to visit my adorable niece and sister. It is really interesting to me how in land… Read more »

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays Everyone! I just want to start out by saying that the final grades for the semester were made available today! Now, I was a little skeptical checking them today because it is the day before Christmas and they (Chemistry) had the potential to ruin the remainder of my break, however I decided to pull… Read more »

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Finals Week is Here!

Finals week came quick and without mercy this week. I feel well prepared, a little hungry, and in need of more coffee. Otherwise I have 3 finals down and 1 to go! I am feeling pretty well about my finals so far so I am definitely going to try to end strong! I worked on… Read more »

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Dead Week Update

It is that time of the year again! Ready or not, finals are coming and they don’t care if you get enough sleep. To any of my colleagues out there reading this, Red Bull my friends! I am feeling the stress this week with all my course work and my full time job, but I am… Read more »