Draft Map

Above is a draft map before the weighted overlay process and wanted to share my update! Everything is moving along, each day is bringing more progress and learning opportunities.  

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Wildwood, Thousand Oaks

Today, I decided to go for a quick hike before work in Wildwood Park. I was so excited to see that the waterfall had a good flow due to the recent rains. The hike itself to Paradise Falls is pretty easy and only takes about 20 minutes to reach the waterfall. I had a lot… Read more »

Layers, Layers, Layers

I have come to realize that half of the battle in creating a conservation priority map is locating the proper layers. I spent about an hour looking through the National Map searching for a good Aster DEM 30×30 as well as hydrography and wetlands layers. I found a couple that are for my project area,… Read more »

GIS Layers

I think the most difficult aspect of my project so far has been the data layer collection. Because my project spans between two counties (Los Angeles and Ventura County) I have to deal not one, but two different databases and shortcomings. Although it has been a long and tiresome process of looking through the countless… Read more »

Last First Day!

My birthday always falls on the first week of class. However, this year I did not really mind! My last semester at CSUCI has officially began and I could not be more excited to start the semester off strong! I attempted to keep the momentum going through out my semester break with capstone, but now… Read more »

Atlanta, Georgia

Since beginning my semester break, I have continued working full time. At times it feels never ending with all the school work and outside work. I decided to take a week off of working and fly out to Georgia to visit my adorable niece and sister. It is really interesting to me how in land… Read more »

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays Everyone! I just want to start out by saying that the final grades for the semester were made available today! Now, I was a little skeptical checking them today because it is the day before Christmas and they (Chemistry) had the potential to ruin the remainder of my break, however I decided to pull… Read more »

King Gillette Ranch

Today, I had my second meeting with SMMC at King Gillette Ranch in Calabasas. We discussed my project progress as well as layers that I have acquired and also what is still needed to complete the project. After the meeting I took the time to explore the visitors center and collected some brochures and maps regarding cool hiking and… Read more »

Finals Week is Here!

Finals week came quick and without mercy this week. I feel well prepared, a little hungry, and in need of more coffee. Otherwise I have 3 finals down and 1 to go! I am feeling pretty well about my finals so far so I am definitely going to try to end strong! I worked on… Read more »

Dead Week Update

It is that time of the year again! Ready or not, finals are coming and they don’t care if you get enough sleep. To any of my colleagues out there reading this, Red Bull my friends! I am feeling the stress this week with all my course work and my full time job, but I am… Read more »

  • GIS Layer Update

    Today I visited the National Park Service Headquarters to meet with a contact to receive layers. She had created some layers for a comprehensive plan in the Santa Monica Mountains for the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy in the past. I was able to receive parcel, park, land use, and corridor layers to integrate into my project…. Read more »

  • Project Update II

    Lately I have been doing a lot of literature review as my project is beginning to become more streamlined and focused. I looked up barriers to land use planning and development and found a lot of interesting articles on the topic. I want to incorporate examples from other areas that show the applicability of my… Read more »

  • GIS

    Recently I have been spending my time digging through a lot of layers from multiple sources. I found a couple great layers that I can use for my project and am getting good practice navigating through different counties, agency, and state websites trying to find the perfect layers. All though I have a long road… Read more »

  • Outline of the Introduction

    Today in class we needed to present our outline of our introduction. I learned that the introduction is strictly a background, mission statement, problem at hand. From my peer review session I also learned that my introduction was a little too heavy on the methods side, I was also advised to include why my project matters… Read more »

  • Project Design

    Today I met with Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy today to discuss the project design. I sat down with land use planners as well as a GIS specialist to discuss the logistics and approach to my project! During the meeting I was able to determine my project area as well as organize my resources (which is… Read more »

  • Annotated Bibliography

    Gathering sources is no simple task. I had a particularly hard time distinguishing between journals that I needed and journals that were interesting to me. After I accumulated about 30 articles that were germane to my project and peeked my interest, I had to sort through all the literature to locate the ones I really… Read more »

  • Project Update

    My project has been moving along at a steady pace. Lately I have been sorting through county websites trying to find a layer with structures that I can use to create my layer for wild life corridors. I have been having a lot of issues trying to sort through a vast amount of layers, which… Read more »

  • Networking

    The very first thing my project requires of me is extreme networking. I completely lost count of the amount of times I had to use my elevator speech in my emails when contacting a new person. Networking for me is not just a way for me to get input, but also a necessary part of… Read more »

  • Project Selection

    I was bombarded by a plethora of viable capstone project choices during class. My interests were pulling me into different directions, I was conflicted between doing research on the island, researching micro plastics, and land use planning. At this time I am also taking a land use planning class which definitely played a role in me making my decision…. Read more »