Capstone is basically a year long senior research project which is the culmination of all my studies and works.
For my capstone I chose to do research a field that I am passionate about, which happens to be land use planning.
My project area is the extent of the Santa Monica Mountains and is the product of a collaboration with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy. I am actively researching and constructing a land use suitability map and conservation priority map. Through my capstone I will provide a tool for planners to utilize to plan/manage land sustainably. I will highlight areas that are most suitable for development. These will be areas which have a little or no impact on wildlife connectivity, and water sources. Conversely, the conservation priority map will highlight areas where conservation is of the utmost importance. The importance of this project to me, as well as other planners resonates in the understanding of resource management as well as the need for sustainable planning.